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CNBC is an American pay television business news channel that is owned by NBCUniversal Worldwide News Group, a division of NBCUniversal, with both being ultimately owned by Comcast. Headquartered in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, the network primarily carries business day coverage of U.S. and international financial markets; following the end of the business day and on non-trading days, CNBC primarily carries financial and business-themed documentaries and reality shows.

Larry angrily mentioned, "I used to read Reuters for more unbiased reporting than US media sources, but Reuters has been steadily decreasing quality journalism by interjecting negative spin on positive events. No more "fair and unbiased reporting". Today's article reported on CNBC under the Reuters heading on "Made in America Week" is filled with invective sabotaging the positive event. The first line sets the mood declaring "Plagued by daily revelations... the White House... tries to focus on issues that matter". I don't think Reuters or CNBC knows the motivation of the White House and is probably misrepresenting the real purpose of the event which is to showcase American products from all 50 states. An event of this magnitude has been in planning long before "the plague" of recent events.

The next paragraph cites the White House spokesperson speaking from "a hotel near President Donald Trump's golf course" which has nothing to do with Made in America Week but serves to impugn the President for his past use of his resorts.

The negative spin goes on through the entire report. It's possible that CNBC hijacked the Reuters feed and put their own spin on it or made it up on their own as there is no mention of Made in America Week in Reuters Top News, US, or Politics feeds. Is this more fake news? Maybe Reuters should monitor better how other media sources use their reports.

How about some straight up news? Just the facts. No spin. No interpretation. No bias. I'll form my own opinions, thank you."


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Makeup Artist (Former Employee) says

"As much as I loved most of the talent and my coworkers....I had a supervisor who would curse at the staff, drop the F bomb at us, and also a couple of the anchors would curse at us and treat us in a degrading manner. The staff treated the freelancers like garbage and tried to bully and intimidate us and nothing was done about it. I have had an amazing wonderful career and have been so blessed to work at so many exceptional news outlets and I’ve never seen anything like it in my life I left her there with not another job in sight just because I was tired of driving to work with knots in my stomach. Luckily God provided and I got a much better job with amazing people right away."

Production Manager (Current Employee) says

"There is no structures, no succession planning, job security, huge staff turn over. No benefits, no salary increases. Staff members are unhappy. Can not trust management. Decisions are made unilaterally. Numerous CCMA cases for unfair dismissals.It a jobHuge staff turn - over"

Graphic Design Intern (Former Employee) says

"This was suppose to be a learning experience. I didn't learn a lot because everyone was too busy to teach me.great food in cafeteriashort deadlines, expect perfection"

Marketing Intern (Current Employee) says

"Quite a steep hierarchy with a lot of levels to go through in order to get something done. My boss was mostly too busy with her work and had no time to help teach me."

Director, Prime On-Air Promotion (Former Employee) says

"This is not something I am willing to do. I think it's crazy that you are gathering this info - while I am job searching. I have noting negative or otherwise to say about my former employers.N/aN/a"

Deputy Manager - Flash Department (Current Employee) says

". Some time too much pressure and some imes normal. Learned connecting flash with other backend technology. Flash media server integration,Mobile development. Management is not good. Co-workers are good and supportive. Hardest part of the job is to handle organisational politics. Work"

Director, Business Development (Current Employee) says

"Great work life balance, but very slow paced and limited innovation and strategic thinking. Limited opportunity for advancement. Future company growth unclear."

Production (Current Employee) says

"I work with a great group of people. The work environment is very good and everyone is like family there. I like it because you get to do a lot of different positions and learn a lot of different skills. Since it is non-union, everyone does more than one position and the jobs switch daily. I learned a great deal at CNBC. CNBC also has top notch equipment and is always up to date with the newest technologies. Most of the shows are not in the studio anymore, so it makes for some very slow days. Overall, it is a good place to work but there is very little room for advancement or job opportunities and people who have been there for 20 years are doing the same jobs as young kids right out of school.location, long breaks, good peopleneed more freelancers to fill in for vacation relief (hard to get days off), no room for advancement, slow days with no shows in studio"

C R says

"Not a good source for truths, if you like half news one side, this is for you, but if you seek real truth look elsewhere.
To bad there is a not a 0 star, your conduct towards a sitting President is shameful.
If you want people to take you're station serious. stop asking simple questions and leading questions to Biden, ask about Hunter and his almost 4 million from Russia and what about asking if he would concede if he loses, so far since 2016 Democrats have not yet accepted they lost, what about his racist comments he has made all the years in office or even yet why he voted to send our jobs to China. Made his family rich at taxpayers expenses. tell the truth for once to your viewers. Tell the truth how Biden attended a kkk funeral, how about his you ain't black comment, what about his well wishes, then immediately condemned a sitting President in the same sentence. Get to the facts."

Alex Pierides says

"Shepard Smith is Good! I don’t grt the hate for him?"

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